In the last decade, there has been an exponential growth in the use and volume of derivative products worldwide, both in the Organized Derivatives Markets and in the OTC.

Despite the news and corporate scandals that came to light due to the misuse of this type of instruments in the 2008 Global Crisis, the reality is that Derivatives have proven to be a fundamental tool for hedging, by using this products, companies, financial institutions and independent investors can transfer the risks to which they are exposed and thereby achieve better planning and certainty in their positions and portfolios.

That is why RiskMathics, together with MexDer, in the eagerness to support the financial culture in Latin America and to promote the practical knowledge and expansion of the Derivatives Market in Mexico, decides to create the "Derivatives Challenge: John Hull Award", a platform that allows to know which way are futures and options contracts of a representative sample of underlying assets with the same conditions of the organized market with real time data.

The objective of the "Derivatives Challenge: John Hull Award" is to generate the highest return with the amount of virtual money allocated to the Participant, amount with which you can buy and sale futures and options contracts forming a Portfolio, applying your knowledge and learning about the operation of the Derivatives Market. The Portfolio of each Participant competes against the Portfolios of the rest of the Participants