Frequent questions.

Before the start of the Tournament can I register and start operating and become familiar with the platform?

Right. Although the tournament start date is May 4, 2020, the platform is now available, so you can enter and start practicing. On May 4 at 00:00, the platform will reset, and you will start again with 1 million pesos in cash to start competing in the Tournament.

Is enrollment individually?

Yes. When making the registration we request personal information such as name, RFC, age, institution, etc., which we will corroborate with the winners of the prizes. In case you participate in a team, the only participant that will be recognized as the winner will be the one that has registered their data and can corroborate it with an official identification.

Why is the system always a counterpart?

Because we want to maximize your learning experience and we are aware that you will access it on many occasions in your free time, that is why in the tournament the trading platform will allow you to close trades always, unlike the real market that has a schedule and business days.

Review the operation criteria of the Futures and Options that are specified in the Tournament manual.

What is the operating criteria during business hours?

The system of the trading platform executes as counterpart each operation according to the following criteria and in the following order:

  1. The last fact registered in the real market of the class and series that you want to operate if and only yes, said series has a duration of less than or equal to 10 minutes.
  2. If there have been no market events in the class and series, or if the last event is valid for more than 10 minutes, the platform takes as the execution price the "Mid Point" (average) of the purchase and sale positions that appear in the operations of the real market.
  3. If there are no market elements to be executed according to the two previous criteria, but at least there is a position is executed to the quote that is present in the operation, regardless of whether it is a purchase or sale position.
  4. If there is no real market input to execute according to the three previous criteria. The system calculates a theoretical price in real time by taking the inputs and formulas specified in the CGCs (Condiciones Generales de Contratación) published by MexDer.
  1. All Classes and Options Series will be operated at a theoretical price according to the formulas, curves and volatilities specified by MexDer in the CGCs of each Option contract.
Why was it decided that there would be 10 Million Pesos with which the players could start trading?

RiskMathics, with the purpose of establishing and establishing a good Corporate Governance, formed a Committee and Advisory Board in which Traders, Risk Managers, Clearing Members and large and well-known authorities of the Derivatives markets participate.

This committee, in addition to validating, changing and suggesting all the rules of the tournament, operational as market, agreed that it was a reasonable amount for participants to add several classes of Futures and Options and that it was not the lack of cash a reason to not have a great learning experience with the different kinds of Futures and Options that are allowed to operate in the Tournament.

What is the minimum amount to operate in the real market?

The minimum amount to operate is a contract. For this, you must open an account with the Trading Member of MexDer of your choice and with your Clearing Member, who will perform an analysis of the creditworthiness of the individual or entity that will operate. It is not a market for large companies, it is a market for people educated in the field of risk management.